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    Record Books

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    World Pitmaster Cup

    Honor Roll of Champions

    9-Cock Derby 2020 (February)
    ELF Gamefarm AAO: Jun Jun Magsayo - 8.5pts

    9-Stag Derby 2019 (November)
    MONARCH GF: Felix Gatchalian - 9pts

    9-Stag Derby 2019 (September-October) - 529 entries
    SENYORITA BULJAK/DMCA: Jepoy / Buljack - 9pts

    7-Stag Big Event 2019 220k Pot Money
    ARAYAT: Rene Medina / Riper / Jun Soriano / Dennis Lasala - 6pts
    MAGNUS ISABELA ANAC - IP 168: AD / NSD / JTP - 6pts

    9-Cock International Derby 2019 (April) - 307 entries
    RIPER LUCKY CHANCES CALAMBA: Atty. Richard Perez - 8.5pts
    #92 AKO BISAYA PARTY-LIST BLUEBLADE 1: Engr. Sonny Lagon - 8.5pts

    9-Cock International Derby 2019 (January)
    J CAP: Jhon Capinpin - 8pts
    #164 AGBIAG PARTYLIST/SAGUPAAN HIGH ACTION: Cong. Patrick Antonio - 8pts
    A.A.R. BAGWIS GF, RIZAL LAGUNA SL: Capt. Alvin Royo - 8pts
    BIRTHDAY GIFT-1: Gov. Khulit Alcala - 8pts

    9-Stag Derby (Master Breeder Edition 2 2018)
    FAFAFA AS: Femie Medina / Allan Siaco - 8pts
    Bicol Group Big Event Sa Pasay Nov.30 Team Liberator: Aldo-Jomarie / Jimmy Mariquit / BL - 8pts
    One Capiz April 7 A.T.F.: Marcu Del Rosario - 8pts

    9-Stag Derby (Master Breeder Edition 2018)
    Toronto Canada: Adrian Collins / RJ Mea - 9pts
    Blue Blade 2: Engr. Sonny Lagon - 9pts

    Big Event 220K Pot Money 7-Stag Derby 2018
    Blue Blade Keison Troy Mitch: Engr. Sonny Lagon / Engr. Mitch / Rico-Procy - 7pts

    9-Cock Derby 2018 (Fiesta Edition)
    King Arthur Spiderman: Art Atayde - 8pts

    9-Cock Derby 2018
    San Juan MOA: Anthony Marasigan - 8.5pts
    R Star EP: Boyet and Grace Sison - 8.5pts

    9-Stag Derby 2017 (Master Breeders Edition 2)
    R Star RJM: RJ Mea - 8pts
    HilliCavilli: Larry Villacorte - 8pts
    San Roque BB2: Joey and Buboy delos Santos - 8pts
    Lieteros VMP San Isidro: Vladimir Palis - 8pts

    9-Stag Derby 2017 (Master Breeders Edition)
    Genjenny: Gene Perez - 9pts

    9-Cock 2017 Fiesta Edition
    J & B Kaingin: Jojo Cruz - 8pts
    RJM HVT HT3 TIKI BAR - SANDBAR: Hermin Teves / RJM - 8pts
    Polomolok Sports Complex: Ed Lumayag / Larry Rubinos / Joey Salangsang / EDR - 8pts

    9-Cock 2017
    San Roque BB1: Joey and Buboy delos Santos - 8.5pts

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    SABONG is not a question of how much money you can bet on your ace cock, or how much money you can win in a derby or a fight. But rather it is a question of how much money are you willing to loose and still sleep soundly at night. So remember to always bet wisely. Bet with your mind not with your heart.

    @EBOKALAEH 2017