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    Record Books

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    Battle of the Big Boys

    Honor Roll of Champions

    Sabong All Star Engkwentro sa Pasay 1 Day 7-Cock Derby 550K Pot Money 2016
    CJ Gerry Boy: Gerry Teves / JR Tolentino / Charlie Gayoso - 6pts
    Lucban JCAP Maasin Ambray: Anthony Lim / Jan Capinpin /Atty. Ambray - 6pts

    1st National Battle of Champions 8-Stag Derby 500K Pot Money 2015
    Sagupaan at National Barkadahan: Patrick Antonio - 7pts

    Roligon Gentlemen Fights of the Year 1-Day 10-Stag Derby 330K Pot Money November 2013
    CJ-Gerry Boy-AA Comb: JR Tolentino / Gerry Teves / Art Atayde

    Battle of the Big Boys 2 Super Big Fights 7-Cock Derby 220K Pot Money March 2013
    King Arthur: Art Atayde - 7pts

    Pasay Super Big Fights 7-Cock Derby 220K Pot Money February 2013
    CJ: Charlie Gayoso / JR Tolentino

    ANAC-IP Party List 220K Pot Money 7-Stag Derby 2012
    AAO Hitcock: Gerry Ramos

    SJC Battle of the Great Cockers 550K Pot Money 8-Stag Derby 2011
    I-Max: Eddie Gonzales / Boy Lechon - 5.5pts

    7-Cock Derby SJC Fight of the Century 1.1M Pot Money 2011
    Angelo at CheChe: Rico Mambo - 5pts
    Ramloid: Mon Preza - 5pts
    Maasin Star Nov 27 / Cabadbaran / Lucban: Gov. Mercado / Gov. Amante / JCap - 5pts
    Sagupaan B50 MP 888: Patrick Antonio - 5pts

    Bacolod Dream Battle P110K Pot Winner Take All 2011
    JRJ-MH GameFarm: Nato Lacson
    GWYN-18 Pinasahi Mutya: Noli Villarosa

    8-Cock Derby SJC Fight of the Century 1.1M Pot Money 2010
    Magnefor Erwin: Elmer Nepomoceno - 6pts

    Pasay 7-Cock Derby 2007
    Rian GQ TNT: Boy Marzo / Ricky Reyes - 5pts
    Firefly 13: Jun Santiago - 5pts
    Bacolor Gold: Efren Canlas - 5pts

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    SABONG is not a question of how much money you can bet on your ace cock, or how much money you can win in a derby or a fight. But rather it is a question of how much money are you willing to loose and still sleep soundly at night. So remember to always bet wisely. Bet with your mind not with your heart.

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