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    Record Books

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    FIGBA Bakbakan National Stag Derby

    Honor Roll of Champions

    National 12-Stag Derby 2019
    GOLDCREEK: Manual Espinosa (CGBA) - 12pts
    NICE GSM: Teo Jun Watanabe (SGBA) - 12pts
    SANTEAMOS MILK TEA MARCH 8: Antonio Honey Boy Perez (BAPPI) - 12pts

    National 12-Stag Derby 2018
    Agta sa Bago: Alberto Bongosia (GBAB) - 12pts
    GAZ MED: Marlon Rodriguez (UNIGBA) - 12pts
    TOTONG/RBD GF: Barry Palana (GBAEV) - 12pts

    National 12-Stag Derby 2017
    JH-Maapaz: Jon Hermoso (BBC) - 12pts
    JSF Combine: Roy Sarossa / J. Sy (PAGBA) - 12pts

    National 12-Stag Derby 2016 (7089 entries)
    LDI Aquarius: Charlie Sy (KGBA) - 12pts

    National 12-Stag Derby 2015
    JM: Bernard C. / Jojo M. / Cito Alberto (BGBA) - 12pts

    National 12-Stag Derby 2014 (6593 entries)
    NJMar Gamefarm: Nerwin Rico Hermoso (BBC) - 12pts

    National 11-Stag Derby 2013 (6744 entries)
    SF Blue Quartz 5 & 23: Bebot Uy / Jojo Alvarez - 11pts
    AIAH EINAR: Macapagal / Dyland Castillo - 11pts
    Cabanela BMJ: Boy Gamilla - 11pts

    National 11-Stag Derby 2012 (5,905 entries)
    Super J-II: Vice Mayor Jojo Calderon - 11pts
    JAM JC: Dr. Lasutaz - 11pts
    Vilac Kinelatan Red: Vic Lacsao / Alquin / Shiela P. - 11pts

    National 11-Stag Derby 2011 (4,437 entries)
    EP RBP Roosterville 3: Gov. Eddie Bong Plaza / Honorable Randolph Plaza (TARLAC) - 11pts
    AS Atom: Allan Siaco / Ramil Labrador (UCBA) - 11pts

    National 10-Stag Derby 2010 (3,528 entries)
    GRND Richelle II: Engr. Ralph Daigo / Dr. Ronnie Magbalon / Gerry Garrovillas (RGBA) - 10pts
    Bondoc Peninsula: Gov. JayJay Suarez (QCBA) - 10pts

    National 10-Stag Derby 2009 (2,417 entries)
    Red Cobra CRB: Boy Tanyag (LGBA) - 9.5pts
    IGAE Bagwis: Engr. Irineo Andal (BBC) - 9.5pts

    National 10-Stag Derby 2008 (2,203 entries)
    Alexandra: Jun Pe - 10pts
    Team Red Star: John Daguio (UNIGBA) - 10pts

    National 10-Stag Derby 2007
    GOLDEN TORNADO PIT GAMES UBGBA Entry: Rommel Kalalang / Noli Monares / Jeffrey Pagcanlungan (who used Bloodlines that came from Manny Berbano) - 10pts

    National 9-Stag Derby 2006 (1,273 entries)
    PT Paniki: Bobot Tan - 9pts
    Super Miggy: Gen Gen Arayata - 9pts
    Ariva GG RPCD: Major Bobby Doromal / Gene Garcia - 9pts

    National 9-Stag Derby 2005 (856)
    DB Algar: Al Garcia - 9pts

    National 9-Stag Derby 2004
    UNIGBA Capricorn Jeff: Mayor Bobby Clemente
    PAGBA: Jerry Boy Go / Loy Seisa
    Jade Resort: Arman Santos / Joey Lapid
    Paniqui Topgun JVL-II: Mayor Edwin Ramos

    National 9-Stag Derby 2003 (363 entries)
    Kimbee Gold: Bobby Miguel /Rainier Kau
    Sagupaan BPZ Complexor 3000: Boy Primalion / Ampril Bros / Patrick Antonio

    National 9-Stag Derby 2002 (232 entries)
    CVGBA Fly High II: Charlton Uy / Andy Alivia / Ben Ben de Guzman

    National 9-Stag Derby 2001 (192 entries)
    CVGBA: Gerry Alivia

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    SABONG is not a question of how much money you can bet on your ace cock, or how much money you can win in a derby or a fight. But rather it is a question of how much money are you willing to loose and still sleep soundly at night. So remember to always bet wisely. Bet with your mind not with your heart.

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